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Patient Interventions and

Professional Provider Consultations


Patient Services

We offer speech-language pathology services for all ages, including consultations, evaluations,
and therapy. 


Private Practice Consultation

Are you a clinician considering private practice?  Learn more about our professional consultation services to help you in building your private practice step by step.


Parents Recommend

Parent of 8 year old boy
with Autism Spectrum Disorder

"Our son struggles focusing attention, following directions, expressing his emotions and his needs respectfully, controlling his obsessions, comprehending what he reads, and interacting socially with peers and adults. He melts down when particular stressors exceed his limit (excessive and unexpected sounds, tiredness, hunger, strangers, unexpected changes in rules or routines, frustration, social confusion). It was not until he started attending a social skills group with Jen last fall that things started to make sense for him. To my knowledge, very few speech & language therapists are equipped with the training and the expertise to teach this complex array of skills; we feel very fortunate to have found Jen after years of searching."

Parent of 14 year old boy
with social cognitive needs

"Working with Jen has been, without question, the single best therapy that we have found to help our son make progress in developing social skills, making friends, and improving behavioral problems.  The best part about working with Jen is that she truly develops a relationship with each child, understands his unique needs, and creates a plan that is specific to what he needs to work on. Jen has a unique personality that is warm and very positive with the kids.  She has gotten to know our son so well that she knows when to push him a little harder, when to delve deeper into a topic, and when to give him extra encouragement.  He trusts Jen and opens up to her with thoughts that he hasn't even shared with me!  It is truly a special relationship and we hope we can work with Jen for many, many
years to come."

Parent of 14 year old boy
with Autism Spectrum Disorder

"When we asked Jen to provide speech therapy for our son she came well prepared and she made him feel comfortable right away. She tested our son, reviewed previous speech goals, and came up with a new approach that was ideally tailored to his challenges. The resulting therapy was innovative and fine tuned to our son's age and abilities.  Jen is very effective with her time and also discussed techniques and answered questions so others can help generalize her efforts.  All told, Jen Leuthold takes speech therapy to a whole different level. She is a consummate professional and outstanding at her work."

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